New Shermantine map points to more than 12 other victims

LINDEN, CA - Drawn from memory of a place he last saw with his own eyes 14 years ago, convicted serial killer Wes Shermantine released his most detailed and largest map yet.

Bounty hunter Leonard Padilla received the 5 feet x 5 feet map and a phone call on Monday from the death row inmate.

"It's every time I talk to Wesley, its more people," said Padilla. "He mentions a young lady from Reno in 1996; a young Mexican man dumped in an orchard."

The Flood Road well dug up by the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office in February uncovered the remains of three women: Kimberly Billy, JoAnn Hobson and a still unidentified person.
Billy disappeared from Stockton in 1984 and Hobson disappeared from Stockton in 1985. Law enforcement believes the women were victims of the "Speed Freak Killers," Wes Shermantine and Loren Herzog.

Padilla said Shermantine spoke of a pregnant African American woman the killers picked up from Wilson Way in Stockton, who may be the third victim found in the well. He is also looking at Sacramento woman Paige Lawrence, who disappeared on Feb. 12, 1986, as the possible third victim.

The map drawn by Shermantine, however, pinpoints several more locations in Linden, which may contain more bodies.

"He's talking about a pit off of one road down there," said Padilla looking at the map. "Another well off of Flood Road, a well off of Waverly, a couple of orchards... so you're talking another 20 bodies easily."

According to the map, Shermantine indicates a second well on Flood Road by a little foot bridge that may contain 10 to 12 bodies. A third well off of Waverly Road and by a pond contains one or two victims. A pit in a field diagonally from Shermatine's and Herzog's old homes may have one victim. Finally, a male victim is alleged by Shermantine to be in a creek in an orchard.

Homeowners in Linden reported seeing 10 FBI agents searching orchards and creeks on Sunday. A spokesperson for the FBI only said the agency's presence in Linden is part of an on-going investigation helping the sheriff's office to identify search sites.

The San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office said it had no news to share about the investigation at this time.


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