Police look for south Sacramento road rage shooting suspect

SACRAMENTO – What Tony Jaco describes as a father/son breakfast outing turned out to be a lot more than that.

"I'm probably still shaking, yeah it was very scary," Jaco said.

Jaco found himself staring down the barrel of a gun Tuesday afternoon while sitting at a stop sign at Ortega Street and Jansen Drive in South Sacramento.

"A car pulled up beside us and asked if we was looking for trouble, we said no," Jaco explained. "So he pulled out a gun and we proceeded to try to pull forward to get out the way and he took a shot at us and we took off and he chased us down the street."

The shot missed, but Jaco says he was still in danger.

What he did next, many would say was probably not a good idea.

"I did a U-turn, came back directly at him, was going try to ram him, and he veered away," Jaco said. "And we chased him for 2 to 3 miles until my car overheated."

Sacramento police are calling it a road rage incident, saying one of the vehicles likely cut the other one off - which is a different from Jaco's story.

Either way, Sgt. Andrew Pettit said one thing is for certain - it could have ended a lot worse.

"I think two rounds were possibly shot, but we have at least one bullet over there on the scene," Pettit said.


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