School denies cockroach infestation

SACRAMENTO - News10 asks you to send news tips, and one person told us about a cockroach infestation at a local elementary school. We went to check it out, and the school opened its doors to our reporter and our cameras so you can judge for yourself.

With the beginning of the school year less than two weeks away, school officials say Oak Meadow Elementary is going through a deep cleaning before kids come back for the fall. That's why they were surprised when we showed them videos sent to us. In three separate videos, a roach can be seen crawling around multiple spaces.

The person who shot the video didn't want to appear on camera but wanted to document what they described as an extreme infestation for more than a year. We showed the videos to Buckeye School District Director of Facilities Ray Boike, who admitted he recognized the school's bathroom floor in one of the videos, but insisted there is no infestation.

"I saw one, so it could have been the same one outside that was inside. I don't know. I mean I don't know if it was the same day, multiple days, but it was one," Boike said.

When the school district's superintendent was contacted by News10, he sent Boike to conduct an inspection. He also let the reporter and video journalist look for ourselves in the school's bathrooms, classrooms, and kitchen.

"You saw it as well as I did. There was really nothing in there, and to me it looked pretty clean," Boike said.

He pointed out, especially in drought conditions, no one can guarantee there will never be a single cockroach, but what was seen in the videos was far from an infestation.

"We sometimes have doors left open. Something could have got in there, could have came up through a drain, but I don't ... to me, that doesn't signify any infestation other than a bug on the loose," Boike said.

Boike said the school has had consistently clean health department inspections, they have a monthly pest control inspection, and that as a result of this story, he will have an additional pest control inspection to verify there is no infestation.


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