Why indulging on the weekend may actually benefit your diet

When the weekend rolls around, a lot of us not only take a break from our jobs but our diets as well. As a reward for a week of diligence and will power, many allow themselves to splurge from Friday night until they go to bed Sunday. Many say it's a poor excuse to give in to temptation, but as it turns out, small weight gains on the weekends are normal and could actually be beneficial for some.

New research published in the journal 'Obesity facts' shows there is nothing wrong with indulging as long as you can compensate for it during the week.

Scientists found that participants who were measured and weighed on a weekly basis after a weekend of luxury recorded the highest weight on Sundays and Mondays. However, most dropped that extra weight by Friday.

It is important to note that participants in the study marginally increased their calorie counts, as opposed to consuming entire buffets over the weekend.

The takeaway from the study was that long-term habits likely have more of an impact than short-term splurges. Having a flexible eating pattern and allowing yourself that beer or pizza on Friday nights as a means of reward for healthy eating, may actually help you sustain good eating habits over time.


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