D.A.: Hash oil 'exploding' in Sacramento County

Instances of people making hash oil, which is concentrated THC derived form marijuana, has become so prevalent in Sacramento County the district attorney has issued an alert.

According to the D.A.'s office, butane is typically used to produce hash oil. Butane vapors can condense in a low-lying cloud that is highly explosive when ignited by something as simple as a gas pilot light, overhead light switch, or even an automatic switch in an air conditioner or refrigerator.

The result is a blast and fire that can injure and kill, and damage and destroy structures.

Hash oil is also known as honey oil, wax, ear wax, shatter, dabs, BHO, oil and concentrated cannabis. Signs of hash oil production include marijuana plant trimmings (the mature buds are used for hash oil), butane canisters, PVC tubing, glass tubes, coffee filters and hose clamps.

District Attorney Jan Scully says her office has prosecuted more than a dozen hash oil manufacturing cases already in 2014. The manufacturing charge is a felony and there can be associated charges of arson, endangerment and causing injury.


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