Teen charged as adult for allegedly running over boy

SACRAMENTO - A teenage girl accused of deliberately running over boy in a fit of road rage will be considered an adult when she goes before a judge.

Witnesses say the girl became enraged after believing the boy threw a bottle or can at her Mercedes SUV as she drove through Arden Arcade this weekend.

Prosecutors have charged Isabelle Salgado with felony assault with a deadly weapon. Jail records show that Wednesday was her 18th birthday, but she was 17 at the time of the incident.

With that broken-down Mercedes sitting in the driveway on blocks, no one would answer the door at the Salgado home even as they asked us to leave.

Family friend Omar Andrade couldn't believe it when he heard reports that Salgado deliberately ran over the boy.

"I didn't expect that. Her, out of all people, I really didn't expect that to happen to her. Who knows? Something must have triggered that," Andrade said.

It was about a block away from the crash site when witnesses believe that water bottle or soda can hit Salgado's car. Neighbors saw her driving in one direction, stop, throw the SUV in reverse, turn around, and start driving after the boy.

"She had to have the pedal to the metal, man, all the way down the road. Didn't seem like she slowed down at all to make that turn," witness Chris Pritchett said.

Pritchett and Jackie Manno were sitting on their porch as they watched the chase begin. Within seconds they heard the crash.

"I asked her what she was thinking. She was all, 'I don't know what I was thinking,' and she was like, 'I'm fully aware of what I've done,'" Manno said.

Manno and others tried to comfort the boy before firefighters were able to free him from under the SUV. Witnesses say they were struck by Salgado's demeanor.

"Obviously she should be tried as an adult. She has still not shown any remorse," Manno said.

"She's a great person, you know, she goes to school. She goes to work. Her parents bought her the car. I guess she's going to go to college. I guess something must have happened," Andrade said.

The boy was treated and released from UC Davis Medical Center for what were described as minor injuries. As for Salgado, her bail was set at $80,000. Jail records show she was released Wednesday. She's set to appear in court June 19.


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