Placer County couple celebrates 75th wedding anniversary

It's a love story that spans three-quarters of a century. A couple from Placer County will celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary next week.

Clarella and Clinton Marriott have been in love for a lifetime. After all these years, they still get along.

"Pretty good. Nice yeah. He's a nice fella. Very nice. He's been good to me," Clarella said.

The two lovebirds first met in 1932 at First Baptist Church of Auburn, one of the first gold rush churches.

"We were about 13," Clarella said.

They played in the orchestra together. Clinton played the clarinet while Clarella played the trombone.

"She played the trombone and you know, at that point, I had to get one to keep up with her," Clinton said.

"All of a sudden, here, he changed and got a trombone to play," Clarella said.

"That darn clarinet squeaked too much," Clinton explained.

"So he changed to trombone to be able to sit next to me," Clarella recalled.

Seven years later, they got hitched.

"Of course, we were married in 39," Clarella said. "It happened to be Mother's Day that day, the 14th of May, 1939."

Their secret to a long marriage?

"I kiss her good night," Clinton said.

"You should communicate with each other," Clarella said. "Do things together if you can. But most of all, it's have God in your lives."

Clarella turns 97 later this month. Clinton said his wife is the boss, because she's older than him, by just a few months. Their children are amazed that the couple is still going strong.

"I think it's god's blessing on them!" daughter Linda Olgivy said.

"They're a real special couple," their son Darrell Marriott said.

First Baptist Church of Auburn will hold a special reception for Clarella and Clinton on May 18. Clarella is the oldest member of the church. She's been going to that same church for 91 years.

Another celebration will be held in July for just their family -- all 80 of them, including five children, 16 grandchildren, 33 great-grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren.

"We have a very large family," Olgivy said.


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