White supremacy leader a student at California State University Stanislaus

Pamphlets are popping up all over the campus of Stanislaus State University warn of a white supremacist attending the school in Turlock.

The leader of a national pro-white movement is a student at California State University Stanislaus in Turlock and now university leaders and students are responding.

Fliers found on campus this week display photos of Nathian Damigo, 30, and identify him as a “well-known white supremacist.”

The fliers are also posted on the civil disobedience website, It’s Going Down, sourcing information from Northern California Anti-Racist Action (NoCARA).

“While Damigo has been majoring in Social Studies at CSU Stanislaus, he’s also been busy building up one of the fastest growing white supremacist groups in the US,” the It’s Going Down Website wrote.

ABC 10 News attempted to speak with Damigo on Friday but he said he said he was not available to comment.

Damigo is an Iraq war veteran and currently working on his undergraduate degree in social science and the creator of the pro-white group Identify Evropa, according to his website.

“I recently launched an Identitarian organization in the United States named Identity Evropa,” Damigo said in an interview posted on his website.

“We are looking to promote European identity among people of European heritage and educate the general public about a range of subjects currently held in contempt by modern academia.

Mark Potak is a fellow with the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Alabama. It is an civil rights organization that has taken on several race-related law suits.

“Identity Evropa likes to hide behind great symbols of Western civilization – the Platos and Aristotles and Socrateses of the world. But in fact it has more in common with the ideas of Adolph Hitler," Potak said.

In a YouTube video, Damigo calls on his followers to spread information in "good taste."

Damigo is a current student at CSU Stanislaus, Janice Curtin confirmed Friday, the University’s Associate Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs.

The fliers have since been taken down because they violated the University’s posting policy, CSU Stanislaus President Ellen Junn wrote in an October 12 message to campus.

Despite reports Damigo’s group has not posted fliers on the campus in Turlock, Curtin said. The group is doing so at other colleges across the nation, the Identify Evropa website writes.

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