Student brings BB gun to Antelope school

A student who brought a BB gun to school is accused of threatening a classmate because of his race.

Hunter Langley, 12, says he got the scare of his life Monday while in an after-school program at Dudley Elementary in Antelope.

One of his classmates, who he says has constantly bullied him, pulled a BB gun out of his backpack.

"All he said was he was going to shoot me because of my color," Langley said, referring to the color of his skin. Langley is Caucasian. The victim's family says the bully is African American but doesn't know why he's been picking on their son.

Langley was terrified to tell school administrators about the incident. He told his mom afterward.

"At first, I'm going to be honest. I didn't believe him," said Serina Drake, Langley's mother. She went to the school the very next morning to report it. She said the principal of Dudley confirmed to her that the child did bring a BB gun to school. The principal would not comment on-camera to News10.

Drake says the school is not doing enough to discipline the boy.

"Now, I'm told the kid is coming back to school next week and my son has to sit near him," she said.

Drake was told the student was suspended but will be returning to school. She believes he should be punished more severely and face expulsion.

"Would you want to sit next to somebody who pointed a gun at you and threatened to kill you because of the color of your skin? Do you think that child should be in school,?" Drake asked.

Center Joint Unified School District confirms the student did bring a BB gun to school but says he did not brandish it or threaten anyone with it.

The school won't say what disciplinary action was handed down to the student but the district is acting appropriately based on school procedures.

News10 efforts to reach the boy who brought the BB gun or his family for comment were unsuccessful.


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