Family urges coach to drop lawsuit against their 14-year-old son

PLACER COUNTY - The Granite Bay family being sued by a little league coach says the lawsuit is frivolous and should be dropped.

The family has spent thousands of dollars defending themselves, and now wants the coach to pay back the legal fees. They threatened to take legal action if the coach doesn't pay up.

Alan Beck, the former coach, said he was injured after a little league player threw his helmet in the air during a celebration. He said he tore his Achilles tendon.

Beck filed a law suit against the 14-year-old player, the boy's parents and the Lakeside Little League for half a million dollars. But now, Beck says he doesn't want to sue - he wants an apology.

The teen's attorney James Donahue said Beck should forget about the suit.

"There was probably some hope there was a pot of gold or some rainbow with a pot of gold. In other words, an insurance policy on the other end," Donahue said. "And there is none. He knows that. His attorney knows that now."

The teen's family is willing to forget about the coach's frivolous suit and move on as long as they're compensated for what they've spent on this case.

"They've offered to resolve," Donahue said. "If he will pay their out of pocket cost to date, they'll walk away. They want to put this episode behind them."

If the coach doesn't want to help the family pay their $3,000 in legal fees, then they're asking him to donate that money to the little league and they'll just absorb that cost out of pocket.

However, the family does not planning on apologizing, Donahue said.

"There was no wrong-doing on part of the player or little league," he said. "It was just an incident that occurred in the process of game-wining hit that occurred."


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