'Bank Robbing Babe' nabbed in Fairfield

SACRAMENTO - A fugitive known as the 'bank robbing babe' was captured after being on the run for more than two years.

Niesha Jackson, 34, was arrested Friday at a Fairfield hotel after authorities received information of her whereabouts.

Jackson, wanted for bank fraud, was featured on CNBC's "American Greed" where she was given the moniker, 'bank robbing babe.'

"To do a show, American Greed and name me 'bank robbing babe,' they don't do that to nobody, hardly," said Jackson during an interview from the Sacramento County Jail.

Jackson said the name doesn't suit her, claiming she's innocent and was set up.

But authorities say she was part of a massive scheme that stole between $1-2 million using prepaid credit cards at various banks around the country.

Those involved

in the criminal ring would mislead bank employees into believing there were thousands of dollars on the cards.

In March of 2010, Jackson pleaded guilty to the charges. "I had no choice. It was either plead guilty or go to trial. I wasn't going to go to trial. If you go to trial, you're going to get more time," Jackson said.

But she never served any time because she failed to appear at her sentencing. "I was scared. I had a lot of stuff going on at that time. I went to the hospital. I had chest pains. They didn't care about that so I wasn't about to go turn myself in right there and then," said Jackson.

A warrant was issued for her arrest, and after two-and-a-half years a fugitive task force tracked her down in Fairfield.

In her possession were several cellphones, a bank card in someone else's name and a t-shirt and business cards making reference to the TV episode and the 'bank robbing babe' nickname that stuck.

"Somebody made the shirt for me. Everybody was seeing the show, everybody was talking," said Jackson.

Authorities say the materials only suggest Jackson was proud of her fugitive status.

Jackson was facing a maximum 30-year prison sentence before she decided to become a fugitive.

She could now face more prison time.


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