Davis startup creates life saving solutions

DAVIS - Stratovan's motto is saving lives through software.

When you talk to co-founder David Wiley, you sense it's not just talk. He started the company in 2005 with his computer science professor at UC Davis Dr. Bernd Hamann.

"I really felt we could make a difference," Wiley explained. "I really felt the healthcare market needed it, our help the most."

The company started out building next generation 3D medical imaging software. Taking CT scans, they render them in 3D which can be viewed from various angles.

Dr. Boaz Arzi at the UC Davis animal hospital is using their software to study jaw joints on mammals.

"Over a long period of time, you can really get a high body of work that is very precise using this software," Arzi said.

Wiley always knew other industries could benefit from their technology too. Just recently, Stratovan landed a $6.2 million contract with the TSA to develop explosive detection technology for checked bags at airports.

"It's very much a moving target so we have to work interactively with them," Stratovan CEO Jim Olson said.

Their technology would automatically highlight all objects within CT scans of checked bags.

"Ultimately, we want to leverage that and bring it back to healthcare," Wiley added.

Wiley believes the technology could one day help treat cancer by measuring the 3D volume of a tumor.

"We can find all the tumors and assist the radiologist in selecting the tumors and tracking them over time," Wiley said.

It's evident Wiley is extremely passionate about the medical potential of his technology -- and then he explained why.

"My wife has cancer," Wiley said through tears. "That's basically why I'm more passionate."

His wife Clare Wiley has a rare cancer of the smooth muscle cells. She's currently on hospice and can only see their 6-month-old son for a few minutes each day.

"Going through treatments with my wife and seeing what's happening," Wiley said. "And knowing we can do better."

Wiley started the company before he met his wife. But her battle has pushed him to work harder and do better -- to truly live up to Stratovan's motto.


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