Man found dead at conclusion of Fairfield standoff

FAIRFIELD, Calif. - A man was found dead at the conclusion of a SWAT standoff in Fairfield that forced the evacuation of several homes Monday.

Neighbors said it started when they heard a barrage of gunfire coming from the suspect's home.

Swat officers set up a perimeter in the 4900 block of Springwood Circle where chaos erupted just after 1p.m. Monday afternoon.

"At first, I thought it was fireworks," said neighbor, Kevin Hanie. He lives right

next door to the suspected gunman. One of the bullets shot out his window. Another one came close to hitting him.

"They went on about 20 minutes, about 50-60 shots. Sounded like a high caliber powerful rifle," Hanie described.

As officers arrived on scene, they closed off the residential street. Nobody could come in or go out.

Sixteen-year-old Carissa Talbert was home alone when the shots rang out. She was sheltered inside for several hours while her parents had to wait patiently outside.

It wasn't until she got the okay from police that she was able to come out.

"I jumped the back wall because they said from my house, it was like in the wrong angle and I could be shot, so I had to jump the fence and [an officer] picked me up and drove me over here," Talbert said.

Officials determined nobody was injured during the gunfire.

Officers made several attempts to make contact with the suspect believed to be inside the house.

When those attempts failed, they deployed flash bangs and tear gas.

Officers entered the house just after 8 p.m. Inside, they found the suspect dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. As of Monday night, his name had not yet been released. They also found two dogs, one of which had to be put down because it was too aggressive.

Residents who were evacuated were allowed to return to their homes a short time later.


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