Napa residents deal with earthquake's aftermath

The American Red Cross has provided disaster relief services to hundreds of quake victims, including those displaced from their homes.

Robert Lewis Tyler has been at the evacuation shelter at Cross Walk Community Church after the house he was staying at was severely damaged.

The Victorian mansion built in 1885 was one of the homes red tagged. The foundation shifted 18 inches, making the home unsafe to live in. There are fears that the historic structure can collapse at any moment.

"I was so glad, I'm alive," said Robert Lewis Tyler, one of the home's tenants. "But after a couple days, reality starts to hit in. Now I have to find another place to live."

While the cleanup process gets underway, work in the Napa vineyards must go on.

"The earthquake just simply set another small challenge, but thank God nothing happened to the farm workers, they are all safe and we will move forward," said Pedro Ceja of Ceja Vineyard.

Farm workers started harvesting late Monday evening.

"The evening is cool so basically you are harvesting grapes that are not hot. That will not have a negative affect during fermentation," said Ceja.

The seasonal work is a sign that things are getting back to normal.


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