Car dealer in hole-in-one dispute: 'It's in the hands of the lawyers'

One day after promising a quick resolution to a hole-in-one prize dispute, the general manager of Folsom Lake Kia said the matter was no longer under his control.

"It's complicated," Jon Peterson said during a brief conversation on the showroom floor of his dealership.

Folsom Lake Kia sponsored a hole-in-one challenge May 7 at an annual charity golf tournament benefiting the Eureka Schools Foundation (ESF), and for the first time in the event's history, a golfer won the prize.

Allan Ross, a Roseville chiropractor, made the shot on the par-3 third hole and believed he had won the $66,000 Kia K900 sedan that was parked at the tee.

Shortly after posing for pictures at the car with dealership owner Chuck Peterson and Chuck's son Jon, Ross was told that he had actually won a $25,000 gift certificate and not the luxury car on display.

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On Monday, Jon Peterson blamed ESF for not providing a disclaimer on printed material stating the prize was $25,000, the limit of the dealership's hole-in-one insurance. He also blamed the insurance company, which he said provided signage for the event, for not clearly stating the luxury sedan was only for display.

In several phone conversations Monday, Peterson said he was working with ESF to craft a resolution.

"Although this wasn't something that was completely our fault, we're going to make it go away," he said Monday.

But in the face-to-face conversation Tuesday, Peterson was less resolute about a speedy settlement.

"It's in the hands of the lawyers," he said.

Ross initially hired an attorney to send a demand letter to the dealership last month, but told News10 he wasn't sure what his next move would be.

"I was really hoping to avoid any legal action," Ross said in a text.


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