Orangevale man invents 'coolest' wheelchair

Trevor Snowden, was paralyzed from the waist down in a snowboarding accident in 1997. He wanted to continue to do sports so he tooled the "Trevair" - dubbed the "coolest wheelchair ever."

Taking risks and living life to the extreme hasn't changed for Trevor Snowden. The only difference - he's doing it in a wheelchair.

"In a lot of aspects, the life I led as an able bodied person, being fast, wild, obnoxious -- I became humbled," Snowden explained.

Snowden was a hot-shot snowboarder until he got injured during a competition in 1997.

"I overshot my landing and I broke my T12 vertebrae," Snowden said.

He suddenly found himself paralyzed from the waist down. As someone who lived without limits, he wasn't happy with any wheelchairs on the market.

"There's no freedom in it, most of the products that exist," Snowden said.

So he invented Trevair, a lightweight manual wheelchair with suspension. For the more daring, he also made an add-on electric scooter with a throttle.

"I'm a lot more creative in my wheelchair," Snowden said.

He's jumped over a pond and even cars. His daredevil stunts have landed him in Ripleys' Believe or Not. He calls it "Wheelchair Super Cross," which he hopes will become a Paralympic sport one day. He also offers camps at Cummings BMX track in Folsom.

But Trevair isn't just for adrenaline junkies. Trevor debuted the chair at the Abilities Expo Tour a few years ago and there's one mother and son he can't forget.

"He rode my wheelchair, went through the obstacle course and had the biggest smile," Snowden remembered. "And she had a tear in her eye and she said 'I haven't seen my son smile in seven years.'"

That's what drives him to make what has been dubbed "The Coolest Wheelchair Ever."

"That's what cool is, it makes you truly independent," Snowden explained.

The first model of Trevair is FDA approved, but Snowden is working on an updated model. Snowden is now seeking funding for production.

If you're interested in Snowden's wheelchair supercross camp, contact him at


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