Lodi man accused of supporting terrorism, trying to join al Qaida

LODI, CA – A Lodi man has been arrested by federal agents, suspected of supporting terrorism and trying to join al Qaida.

Nichlas Michael Teausant, 20, was arrested at the Canadian border north of Washington after FBI undercover agents had been watching him for close to a year.

In a federal complaint, an agent laid out how undercover federal and local officers posed as extremists, earning Teausant's trust.

After dozens of conversations, the agent said Teausant is guilty of "exploring ways of supporting violent extremist activities" and "attempting to join Al Qa'ida".

Teausant allegedly told agents of "his desire to conduct violent jihad and to be a part of America's down fall." He also said his goal was "maximum fear and a maximum blow to the U.S. Government."

Teausant's alleged specific plans aren't publicly known, but he told one agent, "Don't go to L.A. anytime soon, please trust me on this, and if you do go, don't use the subway."

On his blog, Teausant preaches Islamic beliefs. His Google Plus page has dozens of photos, including his recent trip to Disneyland.

Investigators have been watching him since May. He's alleged to have made numerous radical statements, including that "he wanted to bomb his daughter's daycare because it was at a Zionist reform church."

On Teausant's computer, agents claim to have found web searches for "how to build a bomb" and downloads for a guide on how to become a terrorist.

Teausant was captured, reportedly, on his way to fight in Syria. He took a train from Lodi to Sacramento, switched trains, and continued to Seattle where he got on a bus.

Not far from the Canadian border, in Blaine, Washington, agents were waiting.

Monday, Teausant was in a federal court where he was advised of his charges and informed he would be brought back to Sacramento.

Coincidentally, Teausant was interviewed exclusively by News10 on Friday at Delta College in Stockton. Saying he was a member of the California National Guard, Teausant was reacting to a man wearing a military uniform on campus.

Then, Teausant said, "Until you've gone through basic training, had a drill sergeant yelling at you, doing push-ups until you've blood, sweat, and tears, ,missed your family, missed your girlfriend, missed whatever -- until you've done that, you have no business wearing that uniform."

However, Teausant was kicked out of the National Guard because of a lack of academic credits and he never attended basic training.

Despite that, he said, "I'll go active duty after this semester ends."

He also added, "I avoid confrontation as much as possible."

Teausant has lived in several places across the country, but calls Lodi home.

A man at a home in Woodbridge connected to Teausant refused to open the door, yelling, "I'm informing you now that you are trespassing. You've been asked to leave, and you are now trespassing!"

A spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney's Office, Eastern District of California said it could take a few weeks for Teausant to be extradited to Sacramento.


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