Manteca police video shows violent arrest of homeless man

MANTECA - Video released by Manteca police of a violent exchange between an officer and a homeless man has both sides claiming the video supports their argument.

Police got reports if a man loitering outside of a Manteca car wash on Wednesday, May 21. A officer responded to the area and found Robert Olvera sleeping behind the business. Olvera said he woke up to the officer yelling at him. The officer said Olvera refused to move -- resisting arrest -- and attacked him.

The officer's body camera recorded the incident. Police released the video insisting the footage speaks for itself, but Olvera claims the officer in the video falsely cried out to justify the beating.

"You hear him saying it, but you don't see it," Olvera said.

Olvera said he had to have reconstructive surgery on his face because the officer repeatedly hit him. Police said the officer struck Olvera repeatedly because Olvera was resisting arrest and grabbing the officer by the groin.

In the recording, the officer can clearly be heard yelling at the suspect to let go of his crotch.

"You don't see me grabbing his testicles," Olvera said. "You don't see me hitting him. You don't see me doing anything."

Manteca Police Chief Nick Obligacion told News10 medical records substantiate claims that Olvera grabbed the officer's groin. The officer's injuries will keep him off patrol duty for up to a month.

Obligacion also said at the time of the arrest, Olvera had a blood alcohol content of .21 and questioned the reliability of Olvera's memory.

Olvera said even though he may have been intoxicated, he would remember the incident, "because I'm the one that took the abuse. I'm the one that took the brutality."



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