Stockton and Ripon locals react to gun control plan

STOCKTON, CA - Alexander Mahan's childhood photos decorate his mother's home in a documentation of his life through 19 years. His next birthday would have been Jan. 21.

"Instead of celebrating his 20th birthday, he's celebrating six months being dead," said Mahan's older sister, Adrianna Thompson.

Mahan was shot to death on July 31, 2012, making him Stockton's 39th homicide last year. His killer was never identified. Mahan's family said they believe he got caught walking through a gun battle between two rival groups. They want stricter gun control laws to help curb the gun violence in Stockton.

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"Supposedly, the gun [used to kill my brother] was a .50 caliber with an infrared beam on it," said Thompson. "So I don't know why someone young or older would be carrying something like that."

California already bans assault weapons and high capacity magazines, but the Stockton Police Departmentand San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department say they pull those kinds of illegal firearms off the streets all the time.

On another side of gun control,Ripon gun hobbyists said more gun laws only hurt the people who obey them.

"You can limit the clips to three," said Bill Graham, as he was heading to purchase a new gun at Barnwood Arms. "But the bad guys are still going to have the 10, or 50, or 100 clips. If you get in a gun battle, the good guy is going to be caught short."



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