Rio Linda horse owner accused of neglecting animals

RIO LINDA - Sacramento County Animal Control has been investigating a Rio Linda horse owner over a question of care.

Lynn Countryman, the owner of a private property in the 1600 block of E Street in Rio Linda, has had dozens of horses. At one time, she's had as many as 40 horses.

But, area horse rescue volunteers said they had to save some of them. They claim that Countryman is abusing, neglecting and starving her animals.

Countryman responded to those complaints Wednesday afternoon.

"That's not true. Every time animal control has been out there, there has been feed in the feeder," Countryman said.

"In two weeks, five horses lost their life. One died on its own," volunteer Diane Caldwell said. "Four of them had to be put down because they were critically ill."

"I get a lot of horses that are skinny and are in bad shape," Countryman said. "I have other horses that look perfectly fine and look great."

Countryman said she takes in horses, cares for them, "fattens them" up and then sells them.

Caldwell said she's a horse trader.

"She makes her living off the suffering of animals," she said.

Last month, Sacramento County Animal Control went out to investigate the care of the horses. On April 15, the agency wrote up citations for the conditions of seven horses on Countryman's property, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Animal Control said Countryman has fully cooperated with the agency and reduced the number of horses on her property. But, their investigation continues into the deaths of the horses on Countryman's property.

"She is a 3-time convicted animal abuser. In Oregon, we talked to the DA. She's not allowed to have any animals," Caldwell said. "I want the animals taken away from her. How many more have to die before "A.C." does anything?"

"That's not true," Countryman said. "That's slanderous. The people talking too haven't been to my property."


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