Instagram account prompts rumors, concerns at high school

Rocklin police and Whitney High School officials "cannot find any substance" to rumors that there will be a shooting on school campus Friday.

The rumors stem from an Instagram account that posted 24 Instagram profiles of several students at the high school. The account was only active for 20 minutes on April 10. The profile description said, "Whitney High School New World Order 5/30/14."

UPDATE: 3 arrests made in connection with Rocklin school threats

High school Principal Debra Hawkins released the following voicemail at 5 p.m. Thursday using the school messaging system to notify parents:

Transcription of voicemail:

"Good evening, this is Debra Hawkins, Principal of Whitney High School.

"In order to keep you informed and control a rumor that recently started, I'm going to share with you the following.

"This morning, a parent called and shared her son heard a rumor about guns and a shooting on campus tomorrow (Friday, May 30, 2014). Administration immediately engaged the help of our SRO, Officer Davis from the Rocklin Police Department.

"One student rumor led to another student who heard a rumor and so on. Eventually, the investigating team came to an Instagram profile created seven weeks ago. The creator of the page only posted for 20 minutes and hasn't posted since.

"The profile description read, quote, "Whitney High School New World Order 5/30/14," end quote. That is all the investigative team found. No evidence of guns or shootings or threats was found on the profile.

"Again, we have no idea who made the profile. Students who spoke to both the administration and the officer stated they followed the profile briefly, out of curiosity. But there has been no activity on the profile since April 10th.

"As to our inquiry about why students didn't report the profile, until today, the answer was, students didn't think much of the profile until they realized tomorrow is the date mentioned. We also came to understand the rumor is more prevalent among our freshman and sophomore students.

"Regardless of the fact that we cannot find any substance to the rumor or identify the creator of the profile, we have involved the Rocklin police and are taking this seriously.

"If you have any factual information that would be of help tracking down anyone who may know anything of substance, please call the school and contact an administrator tomorrow.

"Thank you and have a good evening."

Parent's who received the voicemail expressed concern that it mentioned nothing about extra security on the campus. One student's mother, who did not want to be identified, said she was keeping her daughter home from school.

"Are backpacks going to be checked? Are there going to be security guards there to do some body checks, you know, girls for the girls, guys for the guys?" the mother said. "Don't let anybody on that campus without a check."

UPDATE: 3 arrests made in connection with Rocklin school threats

Her daughter expressed similar concerns and is anxious about two final exams she is scheduled to take.

"You know, what if something does happen tomorrow, you know, you hear stories like that, but that's never personally happened to me. But what if it does? So there's that fear." the student said. "And then there's the grades, like that's really important too. So you have tests tomorrow and you know that they're really important."

The student's mother said a number of parents plan to go to the school Friday to learn more about how the school will handle the situation.


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