No gun found after lockdown at Roseville's Heald College

ROSEVILLE - The small campus of Heald College in Roseville was placed on lockdown Monday morning as a student wandering the hallways was rumored to have a gun.

"They said some girl had a gun looking for a teacher or someone. That's when I kind of started getting worried," said student Dana Mahorney.

"She was knocking on classroom windows and looking in classes," Mahorney explained.

The college and a nearby charter school immediately went on lock down.

Heald College Campus President Guy Adams said the woman made her way into a criminal justice classroom where she continued acting erratically. It was in that classroom where an instructor took action.

"She was actually detained by one of our criminal justice instructors. This [criminal justice] instructor, who is also a former police officer, controlled her," Adams said.

The instructor held the woman until police arrived, but her odd behavior didn't stop there.

"She was just doing crazy things like sticking her tongue out at the cops and flipping them off," Mahorney said.

Police say after scouring the campus – looking in trashcans and down stair wells -- it was determined there was no handgun but that the school did react appropriately.

"The school did everything they needed to lock it down and make sure their students were safe," said Lt. Cal Walstad with the Roseville Police Department.

Walstad said the woman was taken into custody to undergo a mental health evaluation.

Even though police were called out and the campus was in fear for a short while, the woman didn't make any direct threats and therefore likely won't be charged.

"No there wouldn't be any criminal charges," Walstad said. "We can't help what people might do with their hands, and there was no real threat to the community at that time."

The student's future at Heald College remains to be seen.

"We do have a student conduct policy that includes threats to the campus so we will review that carefully and make a good decision," said Mahorney.


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