Puppy taken from parked car returned to owner

A 10-week-old Beagle named Charlie was returned to its owner after he was taken from a parked car at a Roseville Costco on Thursday afternoon.

Owner David Gulzadah said a young couple brought Charlie to an Auburn animal shelter Saturday morning.

Charlie was taken from Gulzadah's while he went inside into the Costco. Roseville police reported on Thursday that Charlie was left inside the car that was parked in a shaded area with the windows down a few inches. That day temperatures approached triple digits.

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Gulzadah said he was inside for "maybe 15 minutes" when the puppy was taken. The person who took the puppy left

behind Charlie's collar and an unsigned note claiming to have taken him.

Roseville police initially believed an older man, who complained about seeing the puppy left inside the car on a hot day, might have taken Charlie. However, it is unclear who took Charlie, and how the couple that returned him to the animal shelter may be connected to the incident.

Law enforcement officials said if you see a dog left in a hot car, call police, do not take matters into your own hands.


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