Mother: 'They were talking about how they were going to videotape raping my child and slicing her...

SACRAMENTO - Two mothers are concerned after both received threats against their children's lives on Facebook.

New mom Jacklyn Hynick,19, says for the last two weeks she has received several Facebook messages that would sicken any parent's stomach.

"They were talking about how they were going to videotape raping my child and slicing her throat," Hynick revealed.

Hynick thought the first message was just a sick joke until she received another message, even more detailed and personal.

"Its seems like they know a lot about me, they know my daughter's name and they mentioned where I live."

Hynick said she doesn't put private information including her daughter's name on Facebook, so she doesn't know how the person found out her name.

Hynick said she was so scared she mentioned the threats to her classmates here at Marinello School of Beauty only to learn she wasn't the only one receiving the horrific messages.

Teresa Avila said she received a threatening note two weeks ago saying 'ima tie you up in a room and rape your your kids while you watch.'

"My stomach dropped. When I heard them talking about my kids. I felt like I couldn't protect them," Avila said.

Avila said she immediately blocked the person from sending more messages but still wonders who it could be.

"I don't have an idea of who it could be but I have a suspicion that its someone that we go to school with," Avila indicated.

Officials with the school said they are aware of the threats made and are looking into it.

Hynick said she recently contacted the sheriff's department and hopes they can can track down the person responsible.

"Its probably just a sick joke, but that's a sick sick joke," Hynick said.


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