Sacramento cracking down on decorative water fountains

SACRAMENTO - The ongoing drought across California has Sacramento looking at more water restrictions.

City leaders said during a city council meeting Tuesday night they had made progress toward their goal of a 20 percent reduction in water use, but so far they've only reduced by 16 percent. To reach their goal, the city is going to start cracking down on anyone wasting water.

The fountain at Cesar Chavez Park led the governor's office to call Sacramento city leaders and remind them about how much water fountains can use. That led to the city council to pass a new resolution encouraging residents to turn off fountains and other decorative water features that do not use recycled water.

Comments from one speaker about the need to crack down on businesses as much as residents even led to a change in Tuesday's resolution to include commercial interests in the restriction on fountains.

"Now that I hear that your statistic is you're at 16 percent, how can you get to 20 percent? How about cracking down on those commercial buildings that I just mentioned?" resident Rachelle Redmon asked the council.

The city also previewed a new public campaign on watering lawns, referring to the color of grass. The slogan is, "It's not brown, it's gold. Gold is the new green."

Existing restrictions limiting odd-numbered addresses to water their lawns on certain days and even-numbered addresses on others remain unchanged.

The city has already issued more than 2,000 citations to violators, some in response to more than 1,700 public complaints. Council members applauded the public response at Tuesday night's meeting.


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