Sacramento man at Mt. Everest when Nepal earthquake hit

Sacramento Photographer Charleton Churchill was at Mount Everest when the Nepal earthquake that has killed more than 1,800 people hit.

Churchill tweeted "Keep us in your prayers. We are in Nepal, in the Himalayas, the hit hard, porters lost their homes, yaks and hikers died."

Since the earthquake, Churchill has been communicating through Twitter and Facebook.

"We had a major 7.9 earthquake here in the Himalayas, we definitely felt it," Churchill posted on his Facebook page. "Not just the shaking of this entire village but the rumbling sound that followed, people screaming, jumping out of windows, sirens going off, some of the building I'm staying in started to collapse 2 doors down, some of the buildings are not safe anymore, people running for open area, rocks tumbled down"

Churchill posted that 14 people have died at the Everest base camp, but said he and his party are in good hands and feel confident they will make it out of the disaster area safely.

At the time of this post, USA Today reported at least 17 people died and at least 30 were injured on the mountain. You can read updates about the avalanche on Mt. Everest from USA Today here.


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