Anonymous demands solution to Sacramento homeless issue

Hacker group Anonymous recently demanded Sacramento to address its homelessness issue.


Sacramento police and other agencies are investigating multiple videos allegedly posted by the international group Anonymous. 

The content of the video addresses the ongoing debate about Sacramento's anti-camping ordinance. Accompanied by electronic music, one of the videos features flashy graphics and video of recent arrests on January 2 of demonstrators outside city hall.

"Your actions on January 2, including the arrests of 7 activists is unacceptable," said the message.

Both videos contain the same language, in which the person asks for a moratorium on the ordinance, "while interested parties negotiate a solution".

"We applaud the efforts you have made to provide for some of your homeless population. There is more work to be done. Should you decide that our request is intenible, or refuse to honor it, we will bring the formidable talent of Anonymous to your city. We would prefer to work on solutions," the person said, wearing a Guy Fawkes mask.

Several people heard about the Anonymous video Monday afternoon. Others watched it for the first time on YouTube on a cellphone.

"How could you arrest somebody for not having somewhere to go? " asked Shaylah Barbee, said a Sacramento resident after watching the video.

" I think Anonymous does a good job of calling out," said another resident who did not want to be identified.

"I applaud Anonymous for bringing attention to this issue. But I think it's a wrong thing to threaten the city, " said resident Mario Garcia.

Roderick Leidy watched the Anonymous video after ABC10 showed it to him. He has been homeless for two years since he lost his job.

" I think it's bad that police come after us just for being homeless. Because where else are we going to go. Where do we sleep?" Leidy asked.

The first video was posted to YouTube on January 5, the second was uploaded on January 6. Both were added to a page for "Anonymous Resistance", which was started in February 2015.

Anonymous has been linked to several operations like shutting down the Cleveland City website after the shooting death of Tamir Rice, declaring war on terrorists after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in France, and releasing names of dozens of members of the Ku Klux Klan.

In response to the videos, the City of Sacramento said they are monitoring their systems and continue to search for solutions to homelessness. "...the City spends over $13.6 million annually to address homelessness, including a commitment of over $2.4 million in this fiscal year alone to fund programs that provide shelter, housing and employment services to people experiencing homelessness in the City," read a statement from Sacramento.

The City also stated that the entire homeless system of care in Sacramento County, including shelters and transitional housing, helped house more than 34 hundred people last year.




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