Anti-Trump protests and excitement over newly elected president

As Clinton supporters protested at the Capitol, Trump supporters celebrated his victory. (Nov. 9, 2016)

People shared their frustrations and excitement over Donald Trump being the next president. 
On Wednesday night chants of anger, disappointment and frustration echoed through streets in downtown Sacramento.
"The reason why we're all out here is mainly to express our disdain with Donald Trump," said Matt Williams, an anti-Trump protestor.
We followed protesters from the Capitol to the federal courthouse. Many of them said they accept Trump will be the next president, however they say he won't represent them. 
We asked protesters if they believe what they're doing will make a difference and they said they believe it will since it will draw a lot of attention.
The reality of republicans gaining control of both the house and senate is sinking in for many.
We met up with Kaitlyn MacGregor, the communications director with the California Republican Party.
"I think it's really important, but we are really focused here in California," MacGregor said, "It's so different and diverse. There are so many unique problems."
Walter Goodwater, a Trump supporter is also excited for the future. 
"I'm excited. I couldn't be happier," Goodwater said. "When you put so much passion into something or effort into something you want it to come your way."

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