Dirty needles found near Sacramento school

SACRAMENTO - Sacramento resident Eric Jensen was walking his dog on their normal route last month when he came across two syringes laying in plain sight on the ground.

The syringes were next to midtown's new Merryhill Elementary and Middle School, located at the corner of W and 27th streets.

"It scared me, knowing what could happen, Hepatitus, HIV. Anything could be on these needles, and they're just sitting there, and it's just very dangerous," Jensen said.

The needles were on city property, but because they were so close to the school, Jensen reported them to the city. Days later, he was shocked to find the needles still there.

A month later, when a News10 crew got to the scene, they called the city's 311 line because the syringes were still in the same location.

An operator said no calls had come in to them in the last seven to 10 days. The operator said the city's safety office would handle the problem. So why was this the first they had heard about it?

A spokesperson for Merryhill said the school called police, and they responded removing some needles from the area. So, the school thought the problem was solved, only to find additional needles later.

Jensen said he continued to see the needles he found in different positions.

"People have been touching these things 'cause they have moved a couple of times since I've seen them," he said. "So, my concern is one of them could get hurt or poked by them, and I just don't know what to do."

Public health officials discourage people from touching dirty syringes with their bare hands, and people should not dispose of one in a regular trash can because it can still hurt someone. The best thing to do in Sacramento is to call 311, and the safety office will send someone to take care of the problem.


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