Fans head to Levi's Stadium on the train

With the San Francisco 49ers' first game at their new Levi's Stadium set for Sunday, some in the Central Valley are seeing the Capitol Corridor Amtrak train as the best way to get there, while saving both time and money.

"I cannot wait. I cannot wait. I mean, the first train - I will probably be on it because I want to go to the 49er game. I do not like the drive," said Carrie Croteau, as she stood in line at the Sacramento Amtrak station ticket window.

Several Sunday trains can get you Levi's Stadium in time for 49ers games for $55.50 round trip, that includes a 25 percent discount Amtrak is providing through April 2015. The trip should take about 2 hours and 40 minutes, according to Amtrak.

The trains drop passengers within a short five minute walk of the stadium, eliminating the need to pay for parking.

"No parking hassle. Parking is expensive, too, you know at the stadium, so that's definitely an advantage," said Kaitlyn Griffitts, who said she and her boyfriend will be taking the train to games this fall.

"He can just sit on the train, sit back, relax and get ready for the games. So, it'll be awesome to be able to take the train," Griffitts said.

Another advantage fans mentioned, beyond not having to drive -- you can start your party early on the train.

"There's beer, there's wine, so I can have a semi-tailgating party with my friends," West Sacramento dentist Shamik Shastri said.

Another plus -- free WiFi.

"Especially with the WiFi capability, because I use a lot of WiFi," Croteau said.

If taking the Capitol Corridor trains catches on, it'll be a win for Amtrak.

"We'll be able to capture the 49ers. We already take care of the Raiders, but now it'll be a perfect fit for those people to go to Santa Clara," Amtrak conductor Tom Jones said.

To buy a ticket, go to the website at, and click on "Special Offers" and "Promotions" links.


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