Former employee speaks out on allegations of fraud service dogs

A former board member of a non-profit spoke out about the fraud allegations against its leader.

Families have said they spent thousands of dollars for a service animal through Pawsitive Service Dog Solutions, but ended up with untrained dogs.

The non-profit out of Yuba County filed for bankruptcy, and there are many unanswered questions as to where the charitable money went.

Weeks before Pawsitive Service Dog Solutions went south, the group's vice president unexpectedly resigned.

Patty Basile joined the organization after her grandson with special needs received a service dog through them. She was delighted with the group's work and decided to volunteer with them.

She was later asked by the executive director, Carmel Mooney to become the Vice President.

It wasn't long before Basile said she saw red flags.

"I heard that we had some problems with some of the dogs," said Basile. "They did not like to be questioned about the placement time on the dogs," she said, referring to Carmel Mooney and her husband.

Pawsitive Solutions is accused of providing untrained dogs as service animals to special needs families while charging them more than $12,000.

A Sacramento family said their service dog was unsafe for their son.

"I feel like I'm in a nightmare, that someone would go to these depths with families with special needs children and take their money," said Adrienne Saake. She received a dog that wasn't fully trained to help with her son's anxiety disorder.

Basile said some of the money was used for questionable expenditures.

Basile said at one point, Carmel spent $7,000 on "home improvement" projects. Carmel had described installing blinds in her home to keep the dogs cool.

Basile never received any of those receipts.

"What I feel bad about is not following up when I asked for receipts and they weren't given to me," said Basile.

News 10 reached out to Mooney numerous times.

Basile said she left before the organization fell apart and felt sorry for all the families that were let down.

"It's devastating to me because I just want them to have the same experience with a service dog that I had," said Basile.

Several of the families affected said no apology can take back the emotional distress they experienced.

At this point, they just want their money back.


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