Sacramento reconsidering artificial grass ban?

SACRAMENTO - A ban on artificial grass in front yards in the City of Sacramento has some fuming, and the city perhaps considering a change.

Family law attorney Sally Callahan was considering artificial grass for the front lawn of her law office at 18th Street and Capitol Avenue.

"There's wonderful products out there that look as well as grass with low maintenance, low water," Callahan said on the steps of her office Tuesday.

But when her contractor cautioned her the city would not allow artificial grass, Callahan sent her assistant to talk to someone.

"And the answer was, 'No, not commercial, not residential.' Just, 'No,'" Callahan said.

She decided to put in real turf with an underground watering system that used less water, but with nowhere near the savings of artificial grass.

"First of all, I think that water conservation is going to be a long-term issue, not a short-term issue," Callahan said.

In a brief email, a city spokesperson wrote, "While artificial turf is not allowed in the city of Sacramento at this juncture, we are looking at it, among others, as a grass replacement alternative."

At the Home Depot on Folsom Boulevard, patches of artificial grass draw plenty of stares from passersby with many agreeing they couldn't tell the difference from real grass.

The artificial variety costs anywhere from $8.00 to $12.00 a square foot to install.

Shoppers Teresa Garcia and Tressa Murai said they put artificial grass in their Sacramento backyard a year ago.

"It's great, it looks nice, we don't have to water it and the dogs really enjoy it," Garcia said.

"I don't think that there's harm, it's not an eyesore," Murai said. "And if people want to make that conscious decision to do that, I think they should be able to have that right to do that."

Callahan agrees.

"I think the city should consider it because it's truly water-saving and it's beautiful if it's done right, " Callahan said.


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