Travelers issued parking tickets due to broken parking kiosk

Many people have become frustrated with the parking situation at Sacramento's Amtrak train station.

People who park at the lot said they are getting ticketed even though they're putting money into the parking kiosks.

Michelle Hubbard was slapped with three $47.50 tickets after she left her car parked at the Amtrak train station on three separate occasions.

"I had three tickets I had to just now show them proof that I paid for them. So it's real frustrating," Hubbard said after going to city hall to dispute the tickets.

"We are at the machines mercy. And you're at the mercy of the city of Sacramento," she added.

Others feel the same way.

"When I tried to extend the time, the machine say's no, sorry. Try later," resident Scott Jenkins said.

Many people who use the parking machine outside the train station said it's not user friendly and doesn't take credit cards – even though it says it does.

Lisa and Mark Wright went to the Bay Area for Father's Day last weekend, but almost missed their train because the kiosk wasn't working properly.

"The parking enforcement officer saw me put the $10 in and then nothing came out. No receipt to put in my car and I said, 'My train is going to leave in like 5 minutes.' [The officer] said, 'It's okay, I'll call it in, let them know,'" Mark Wright said.

They made their train, but when they returned from their trip, a parking ticket was waiting for them.

"It shouldn't disrupt your whole entire day messing with these silly machines that don't work," Lisa Wright said.

The couple is disputing the ticket but feel the city needs to make the machines work properly and be more user friendly.

"They need to install some machines that work or get a guy at the front gate," Lisa Wright said.

The city said at least one kiosk was broken last week but has since been fixed. People can appeal their parking tickets on the city's website.


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