Man helped police arrest trespassers

A Sacramento man jumped in to help police catch a trespassing suspect in his neighborhood Tuesday evening.

A police chopper hovered over the 2800 block of 23rd Avenue in south Sacramento looking for at least one suspect. That's when Danny Silva took matters into his own hands.

Silva spotted a man trying to climb over his neighbor's fence. Instead of waiting for police, he chased after the suspect.

"He tried to take off running. I chased him down the street, then around the corner," Silva recalled. "He ends up tripping. So I end up standing over him and tell him to put his hands behind his back, 'you're going to jail.'"

Police then handcuffed the suspect, but the neighborhood wasn't in the all clear.

One of Silva's neighbor's saw another stranger hiding in his backyard.

Silva and some officers rushed to the back of the house, but no one was in plain sight. They heard a noise coming from a ditch covered with a black tarp.

"I grab the black tarp, pull it back," Silva said. Hiding underneath it was a second suspect.

"I say, 'hey, put your hands behind your back, you're going to jail," Silva said.

Police were able to take care of things from that point, but neighbors give much of the credit to Silva.

"That's a brave thing to do because you don't know what the person could have pulled out of their pocket, could have shot him," neighbor Katie Lowe said.

But Silva was not out of danger. He soon became the target for doing a good deed. A truck parked on the street tried to take him out.

"We're sitting outside, talking and the truck fires up and starts rolling slowly and then gages up and tries to run us over," Silva explained.

The truck barely missed Silva. He thinks it could have been the getaway driver for the trespassers.

In the end, officers detained two people. One of them was released while the other was arrested for trespassing and resisting arrest.


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