Cops pay for political attack ad in San Joaquin County

STOCKTON - Cable TV viewers in and around Stockton will see a political attack ad until election day favoring, but not financed by, Paul Canepa.

Canepa is running against fellow Stockton City Council member Kathy Miller for a San Joaquin County supervisor seat. The ad claims Miller she doesn't care about Stockton, attacks police and hurts families. The ad ends with the line, " you just can't trust Kathy Miller."

Canepa and Miller have an agreement not to run dirty campaigns leading up to the election. Canepa said he hasn't broken that pledge because he didn't pay for the ad. It was paid for by law enforcement unions in San Joaquin County.

"I can't control what other people do," Canepa said. "I said we'd run a good campaign and I'm holding my end of the bargain."

Miller disagreed. "If I was putting that out, I'd feel I was violating the pledge. Clearly these unions don't feel they're violating anything."

A spokesperson for the unions said police feel Miller went overboard in 2012 by posting videos to YouTube that explain why Stockton went bankrupt. Those videos put a fair amount of blame on unions and employees for gaining very generous pay and benefit packages.

The unions spent $15,000 on ad time.


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