He said what? Candidate defends himself on TV as he leaves bar

STOCKTON - After not returning phone calls from News10 for weeks, San Joaquin County district attorney candidate Gary Hickey was finally tracked down Monday morning leaving a downtown Stockton bar.

"Here's the reason: it's St. Patrick's Day and I'm politicking," Hickey said, adding he'd had just half a beer.

Hickey is a defense attorney. He's had several legal issues both in and out of the courtroom. Last August, he was charged with hit and run after crashing a car into a telephone pole and leaving the scene.

"Why does everyone want to talk about that? The D.A. office dismissed it," Hickey said, who pleaded no contest to the charge. If he pays restitution in May as scheduled, the case will then be considered dismissed.

Hickey's courthouse problems led to him being replaced as defense attorney in an armed robbery case last year. His representation was considered inadequate. This year he's been replaced in a murder case for failing to appear for a court hearing.

Hickey is running against Deputy District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar. He is critical of her use of her married last name.

"You know Miss Salazar's name isn't Salazar. It's Tori Verber. She's after the Hispanic vote. I don't blame her, she has every right. But my girlfriend's name is Garcia and I don't call myself Hickey Garcia," Hickey said.

Hickey said he recently posted 265 signs around San Joaquin County and is serious about continuing his campaign.


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