Man in military clothing confronted by veterans in Stockton

STOCKTON - A man wearing military clothing on the San Joaquin Delta College campus this week has stirred controversy.

Those who have confronted him said they're certain he didn't serve in the military and they consider his clothing choice disrespectful, even illegal. The man insists he served in the military, police said, and he's been seen on campus several times.

"Until you've gone through basic training and had a drill sergeant yelling at you, doing pushups and losing blood, sweat and tears, and you're missing your girlfriend and family, you have no business wearing that uniform," said Delta student Nicholas Teausant, who serves in the National Guard.

WATCH: an interview with Nicholas Teausant on March 14

Police won't identify the man in uniform or say if he's a student or not. A video posted recently on Facebook shows the man being confronted on campus.

"Can I see your ID?" a man in a dark shirt asked the man in military clothing in the video.

"I don't have my wallet on me," the man in military clothing responded.

"According to (Army regulations) having your ID is part of your uniform," the man in the dark shirt said.

The confrontation escalated as the man in the dark shirt showed a tattoo on his forearm.

"I had four brothers die with this (expletive) Ranger tat on their arm," the man in the dark shirt said. "I would appreciate it if you took that (uniform) off.

Someone off screen yells at the man in the dark shirt to leave the man in the military clothing alone.

"I am a United States (expletive) Army Ranger and this guy is not," the man in the dark shirt shouts back. "He never earned that (expletive!)

"I'm a real veteran. Not that man."

The video has been shared more than 23,500 times on Facebook. Army veteran Kristopher Vieira was among those heard in the video confronting the man in military clothing. Vieira has been arrested and charged with disturbing the peace and making threats for confronting the man.

"It strikes a nerve when someone goes around faking that uniform. It's very disrespectful," Vieira said.

"(Vieira) approached him on several occasions and verbally went after him," Delta police officer Jim Bock said. "He's been counseled on each occasion to stop. There are proper ways to handle these issues."

You can watch video of the confrontation between the man in the dark shirt and the man in the military clothing below.



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