Stockton bank robbery and shootout suspect faces 35 charges

STOCKTON, Calif - The surviving suspect in last week's crime spree involving a bank robbery, hostage-taking and a shootout with police was in court Monday afternoon to hear 35 criminal charges against him.

Jaime Ramos, 19, faces three murder charges for the deaths of Misty Holt-Singh, and the other two suspects. He also faces 22 attempted murder charges reflecting the number of police officers who were targeted by gunfire.

Ramos may not have been solely responsible for all the crimes that happened last Wednesday, but as the only survivor he now faces all the charges.

"Everything that flowed from the bank robbery itself, you're all held responsible equally for every act," said San Joaquin County district attorney spokesperson Robert Himelblau.

Himelblau was asked about the crime spree that has clearly shocked a community known for its crime problems. His answer wasn't very hopeful.

"I was surprised it took so long for something like this to happen. We've had a series of brazen acts in the city of Stockton, starting a couple of years ago. We've had mid-afternoon shootings at restaurants. A man was gunned down at 9 in the morning. The fact that it's this brazen doesn't surprise me. Just waiting for it to happen," HImelblau said.

Ramos returns to court Aug. 18 for continuance of his arraignment. He was not offered bail. The other two suspects both died last week as a result of the shootout with police. Holt-Singh was also killed when police said she was used by Ramos as a shield.


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