Stockton man heads to prison for supplying medical marijuana

STOCKTON -- The Stockton man convicted of federal drug charges after supplying medical marijuana to area dispensaries leaves Thursday for his three-year prison sentence.

Matt Davies, who is married with two young daughters, said he wasn't breaking the law by growing and distributing marijuana to dispensaries because it is allowed by California state law. He said he didn't expect to be pursued by the federal government after Pres. Obama said he wouldn't interfere with state medical marijuana laws.

"The federal government made promises," Davies said. "They went back on those promises and I'm a casualty of their change in politics."

Davies, and two others, were arrested for growing marijuana in large facilities and supplying seven medical marijuana dispensaries. He plead guilty rather than fight the charge and risk a much longer sentence.

"Yes, I may have been gullible and naive, but there are factors at play," Davies said. "This wasn't handled properly."

Davies expects to serve roughly half of his term in Southern California, and then the other half in Oregon, where he'll go through drug education programs. Despite his strong belief he's been wrongly convicted, he has a surprisingly upbeat attitude.

"What are you going to do be angry and bitter, or push through and attempt to persevere as much as possible? If anybody is able to do this, it's me," Davies said. "I'll come back to my life in a few years."


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