Stockton mayor sees city as good investment

Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva hammered the theme Thursday that Stockton is a good investment, like an undiscovered stock, ready to take off.

"Make your investment now, invest in Stockton, our stock is rising," said Silva during his 2nd "State of the City" address, at the Port of Stockton.

The Stockton Chamber of Commerce sponsors the event each year. This time around Silva gave up much of his speech time to others; City Manager Kurt Wilson and Police Chief Eric Jones. Each council member also was given about five minutes for a video presentation.

Silva made sure his point was made, during his much shorter presentation.

"If you already own stock in this city, I'm advising you as mayor, hold on to the stock, you'll be pleasantly surprised," Silva said.

The mayor had no specific examples of why Stockton will soon be such a good investment. He did point out the city's crime rate has lowered, and the city is close to exiting bankruptcy.

Last year, Silva created a scene by putting on a gladiator helmet and urging people to go to war with him on Stockton's problems. He decided against such a stunt this year.

"Sometimes, I like to use props, to beat in the message," Silva said. "At the end I wanted an 'open' sign behind me, but that might have been too extreme for this crowd. I'm being a good mayor now."


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