Verify: Are all cell phone companies great?

Not Verified: Online research shows cell phone companies vary in performance.

You’ve likely seen the Sprint commercial featuring former Verizon front man Paul.

Here’s his new message:

"Hey I'm Paul and I used to ask if you could hear me now with Verizon. Not anymore. I'm with Sprint now because guess what? It's 2016 and every network is great.”

Is that true?

ABC10 set out to VERIFY it.

I googled “are all cell phone networks great?”

I landed on a Clark Howard report with a link to an article stating that “Verizon is the best performing wireless network, according to extensive nationwide testing by RootMetrics."

So I went to the source: RootMetrics.

Its website states it “is an independent mobile analytics firm offering scientific insights into how users experience networks under real-world conditions”.

In August 2016 the company released Mobile Network Performance in the U.S.: A Special Report.

It tested performance over the first half of 2016 of Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

The report states it traveled across all 50 states covering over 265,000 miles testing out the four networks.

So is every network great?

The short answer is there is basically an 11 point difference in overall performance ranked out of 100.

Here’s the overall performance ranking:

1. Verizon: 93.9
2. AT&T: 89.9
3. Sprint: 85.5
4. T-Mobile: 82.5

The difference between Verizon at number one and T-Mobile at number four is 11.4 points in overall performance.

We all care about speed.

1. Verizon: 91.0
2. AT&T: 86.1
3. T-Mobile: 85.8
4. Sprint: 72.2

In speed the first two spots stay the same, but T-Mobile is just 0.3 points behind AT&T at number three. There is a large gap between three and four. Sprint drops behind by a deficient of 13.4 point.

The report also ranks: reliability, data, call and text.

So are they all created equal? Not quite, but it is close.

I am stating this claim is NOT VERIFED.

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