Could CPS have prevented this toddler's death?

WEST SACRAMENTO - The grandmother of a toddler allegedly beaten to death by a 16-year-old cousin said her grandson should never have been placed back in the same home after an earlier incident that left the then-infant with severe burns.

"I'm so numb, I can't even cry any more," Mikisha Glasper said at her North Stockton home Wednesday night. "But I refuse to let my grandson's death to be in vain."

Glasper said a Yolo County district attorney told her her 2-year-old grandson was beaten to death by his 16-year-old cousin Friday, dying from "blunt force trauma."

Glasper is outraged that her grandson, Dylan Glasper, was severely burned by his great aunt, Wannette Armstrong, in a previous incident in June 2013.

"They said she took a bucket of scalding water and poured it on him, poured it on his legs and his feet. And she's now in prison serving time," Glasper said.

Glasper alleges Dylan's other great aunt, Yvonne Chaney, who lives at the same house, did not immediately take him for medical care when he was burned.

"She didn't take him to seek medical attention until the following day. So that's total neglect," Glasper maintains. "She didn't protect him at all and now she failed to protect him again and he's dead."

Glasper successfully fought for custody of Dylan after he was burned. But she said he was taken away by San Joaquin County Child Protective Services six months later over allegations she allowed children at her home to wander the street unsupervised at night and that she used drugs. She flatly denies those allegations, saying her seven sons have never been in trouble. She showed off a case of athletic trophies they've won over the years.

"I must be doing something right," she said.

Glasper said when San Joaquin County CPS took Dylan from her in January, they sent him back to the same home in West Sacramento.

According to Glasper, Dylan's 16-year-old cousin is in custody and expected to face a murder charge. West Sacramento police acknowledge an arrest and said there is still an active investigation.

"It is an ongoing and fluid investigation. Our detectives are actively working on it. They're working closely with the district attorney's office," West Sacramento Police Lt. Nathan Steele said.

Glasper, who Dylan's own mother has been mentally ill and unable to care for him since shortly after his birth, now wants to be a foster parent to Dylan's 5-year-old brother who was also taken from the home.

Glasper said she feels like she has no tears left to cry, but would like to see a "Dylan's Law" to protect other kids.

"And the Dylan's Law needs to be named that if any kid has been harmed in a home previously, especially in what you consider a foster home, they should not be placed back into that same environment," Glasper said.

No one with San Joaquin County Child Protective Services could be immediately reached and West Sacramento police said they could not comment further because of the ongoing investigation.


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