Jury continues to deliberate in West Sac cop's rape trial

A Woodland jury reached verdicts on some rape and kidnapping charges against former West Sacramento police officer Sergio Alvarez, but is undecided on others.

Alvarez, 38, faces 27 counts including sexual assault, oral copulation, kidnapping and related charges. The Yolo County Superior Court jury has deliberated for eight days.

In court Wednesday afternoon, the jury said they found Alvarez guilty of at least one count of kidnapping. But because they found him guilty of both the greater and lesser charge in that one count, the judge instructed the jury to go back and make sure their verdict on that and the remaining 16 counts were consistent with their instructions.

Jurors also said they were hung on the 10 other charges.

The judge directed the jury to resume deliberations Thursday when the court closed at 4:30 p.m.

Five women, ages 20 to 47, testified against Alvarez during the trial. The victims claimed Alvarez sexually assaulted them while he was on duty and in uniform. He was arrested in February 2013 and accused of targeting women who frequented the West Capitol Avenue area.

Alvarez testified in his defense during the trial.

Sergio Alvarez defends himself in letter to his estranged wife

Alvarez returned to the courtroom Wednesday when the jury announced they had reached a verdict. His estranged wife Rachel Alvarez has been monitoring the case from her new home in Florida.

Rachel Alvarez said she moved to Florida with her kids because she feared for their safety and had to get away from her estranged husband.

On the same day she learned the jury was hung on 10 of the counts and would have to deliberate for at least another day on the other counts, Rachel Alvarez said she received word from her husband that he was upset with her.

"Yes, all kinds of nerve-wracking things came up today with this man. Yes, very nerve-wracking," Alvarez said.

She said she regularly receives handwritten mail from estranged husband, and in his most recent letter, dated Feb. 17, he wrote, "I've been thinking a lot about what to write after hearing about your interview on the news."

In an interview with News10 earlier this month, Rachel Alvarez said she feared for her safety if Alvarez was found not guilty and freed.

"Rachel, I would never do anything to harm you or our children," Sergio Alvarez wrote in his letter.

Rachel Alvarez said she doesn't believe him.

"He cares very much how he looks. He always has," she explained. "He's always cared very much how he looks in public, so me not standing behind him and me speaking to you the last time ... yeah, I'm a little nervous."

The letter goes on to ask for forgiveness, but falls short of admitting to anything other than being a terrible husband.

Sergio Alvarez's write to his estranged wife Rachel Alvarez by Kxtvweb

"You have to do the right thing," Rachel Alvarez said. "If you can't admit that you've done some wrong things, then how do you say sorry."

Alvarez says she will continue to speak out in the hopes of giving voice to victims of sexual abuse.

"I don't wear Sergio's shame, and neither do my children, and I don't want these women to," she said said. "I don't care where they come from, this is not their shame. This is Sergio's. Shame on him."



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