After failing guide-dog exam, black lab inspires family

AURORA, Colo. (KUSA) -- The path we're destined to follow isn't always laid out easily.

Even as a puppy, a black lab named Pesto was destined to do great things.

Pesto became a regular at the Aurora Public library when his owner, a librarian, brought him along each day to socialize.

Kimistry Howard also frequented the library because she was homeschooling her two boys, Javary and Javae'.

"This beautiful puppy came into this room. I said I never believed in love at first sight, well, I had love at first sight," said Kimistry Howard, "It's a love story from beginning to end and it's not over."

The two boys fell in love with the little black lab as if he were their own. But, Pesto was destined to become a guide dog for the blind.

For a short time that didn't matter, because Pesto brought to those boys pure joy.

Both of Kimistry's sons are disabled. Javary has a rare spinal disorder and doctors told him he would never walk.

Javae' has autism and wouldn't speak to even his own family.

Their story should have ended at the library a year later when the boys said goodbye to Pesto, who was off to training.

The boys kept homeschooling and the months went by. They missed Pesto, but knew he was destined to someday do great things, for a deserving family.

"We wanted him to be placed with a phenomenal human being that would love him as much as we've seen him be able to love an entire library of people," Howard said.

Then, on the last day of Pesto's training, a strange thing happened.

According to Howard, "He decided he was coming back to Colorado."

During his months of schooling he had aced every exam he took. Howard was expecting to hear he'd been placed with a new family.

"Then it wasn't that call it was a different call," she said.

Was it destiny, or was it Pesto that had other plans?

" I couldn't believe he didn't pass, but they said he didn't graduate," Howard recalled.

Pesto wasn't going to become a guide dog after all. He'd failed. But his destiny to do great things-that was still to come.

"It's so beautiful they say he failed," said Howard, "What I'm convinced is Pesto made a choice."

Both choice and failure have consequences. It's been two years since Pesto came back to become Javary and Javae's family pet.

When Javae comes to the library today, he reads aloud. Today, when Javary wants to get a drink of water, he walks.

"He shouldn't be able to do a lot of things. That walking should not be happening," said Howard.

If this is what Pesto's failure looks like, perhaps the black lab was destined for greatness in failure all along.

"He gives him a lot to stand up and walk about," said Howard.


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