Colorado 'Purge' rumor creating a stir on social media

LAKEWOOD- A Hollywood horror movie based on the idea of 12 hours without laws has led to an online threat of a real life "Purge" in Colorado.

The movie "The Purge" and the sequel "The Purge: Anarchy" are based on the idea of the government lifting every law for a 12-hour period, leading to chaos and murder in the streets.The image making the rounds on Twitter and Facebook shows a masked man with a list of Colorado cities in which this "purge" is supposed to happen. It also includes a date of September 6th from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Law enforcement agencies do not know who created the Colorado "Purge" image.

"I'm not sure if a threat is the exact word we should be using here. It's some talk on the internet and it is stirring things up," said Steve Davis with the Lakewood Police Department. Lakewood is one of five cities listed.

Lakewood Police Department, Denver Police and Aurora Police say they do not see any immediate threat.

Aurora Police went as far as debunking the social media scare as a hoax. However, Aurora Police are looking into whether or not the posting itself is a crime.

People on social media seem to recognize that all laws being lifted for any period of time is not possible in this country. Concern on the 'Twitterverse' is over someone who may act out violently in an attempt to mimic the movies that have raked in millions of dollars."When we do see something like that, I think that is a flag to us and we do put our antennas up a little bit higher," Davis said.

The concern has swept the nation with warnings from California to Kentucky. Last Friday a high school football scrimmage in Louisville was cancelled as police there stepped up their presence in preparation for a night of anarchy.


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