Did mom encourage fight caught on camera at McDonald's?

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A fight captured on camera at the McDonald's in Fern Creek could highlight an even bigger problem in the community.

You can't tell how the fight starts but this video clearly shows punches being thrown.

And then this mother apparently chimes in saying "whop her ****."

This all happened Wednesday at the McDonald's in Fern Creek on Bardstown Road.

It looks like the suspects go after an employee. In the video a mother watches the incident unfold and appears to try and block others from breaking up the fight.

"That video is one of many incidents that happen that we never see in the public eye," Christopher 2X of Heal the Children said.

Christopher 2X has worked closely with parents who've been caught behaving badly.

He worked with Chesica White several years ago. She was the mom seen on video dragging a Jefferson County bus driver off the bus.

He also worked with the Wood family. A mother and son were killed after a dispute among middle school students escalated to adults.

"They grew up in that generation that this is the way you settle a dispute," Christopher 2X said.

Christopher 2X worked with the city's anti-violence group that tried to tackle this issue.

We asked him how big of a problem it is with parents engaging in violence in our community.

"It's big," Christopher 2X said. "They are not necessarily rare anymore."

One moment captured that shows an even bigger problem.

The employee did call police to the McDonald's. Authorities said the suspects were gone when they got to the scene. Police said one of the suspects is also an employee. We tried to view the police report but it's still being reviewed and not available to the public yet.

McDonalds issued the following statement about the incident:

We are aware that an altercation took place at this restaurant between an employee and another individual who entered the restaurant, and no customers were harmed during the incident. As ensuring the safety of our customers and employees is paramount, we are reviewing the footage and working with appropriate parties to determine any necessary course of action. At present, it appears this altercation was the result of a personal dispute, and while we continue to gather more information, we ask the public to please reserve judgment until the facts about this incident are known.


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