Employee jams doughnuts under customer's windshield wipers

PORTLAND -- Luke Copeland went to Voodoo Doughnuts Too on Sandy Boulevard Saturday with a big order; he was picking up about $2,000 worth of doughnuts for his company.

Everything was fine until one of the doughnut shop's employees threw in two extra doughnuts, right on Copeland's windshield.

"I walked in to grab the manager and when I came out I noticed someone putting two big doughnuts underneath my windshield wipers," Copeland said. "He basically told me I was not in a parking spot and that was his way of paying him back."

The frosting made a mess. Copeland was upset and perplexed.

Earlier that day, he says, someone from Voodoo told him to park where he did to make it easier to put the large order into his car. Copeland says when he went inside the store to complain about the employee's actions, he didn't get a satisfactory response.

"Doughnutted" isn't a real word but perhaps it should be, given the number of times people in the Portland metro have reported someone putting the treats on their windshields in an act of vandalism.

Last week, Hillsboro Police confirmed a string of "doughnuttings" that have been going on for more than a month.

Those cases remain unsolved. Copeland's case is closed. A Voodoo store manager sent him an email response which is hard to imagine any business outside of Voodoo Doughnuts composing.

"I'm writing to apologize for my employee's attack on your car this Saturday," David Drexler wrote. He went on to say, "As a shop manager, I do my best not to hire morons, but in this case I failed. Needless to say, I fired the employee."

The manager offered a dozen free doughnuts every month for a year as a way to make it up to Luke Copeland, who accepted and says he plans on sharing with his colleagues. But first, he has some more cleaning to do.

"It looks like there's a little that didn't come off in the car wash, " Copeland said.


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