Parent present while autistic boy beaten at house party

OKEECHOBEE, FL (CBS12) -- It's a story that will make your blood boil. An 18-year-old in Okeechobee is caught on tape beating up an autistic boy.

Police say this started as a house party. The 16 year old autistic kid was invited but got drunk and passed out. The report says that one of the girls wanted the disabled teen to leave so she called a friend. Andrew Wheeler to come make him leave and that's what you see on the video.

The boy told police Wheeler choked him and kicked him and even held a knife to his throat before some of the people in the house stepped in.

The 16 year old left the house and collapsed in the road where he was found by officers.

**Warning disturbing footage and profanity***

Wheeler is charged with child abuse and he's no stranger to the law. He's been arrested before. Wheeler said he thought the kid had hit the woman and he got angry.

The other interesting part of this video is that you can see a parent was there. So what was she doing when this was going on?

Now one person who is not charged in this case is the parent who was at this house the entire time. The police report identifies her as Evadean Lydecker. The autistic teen told police that Lydecker drove the kids to the gas station - bought alcohol - and then was drinking at the home with her friends. The boy says he even knocked on her door for help but she never answered.

Lydecker eventually did come out and stepped in to stop the beating, but once again she has not been charged in this case.



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