'Slap Ya Mama' spice company stunned by NFL ad ban

NEW ORLEANS -- Leaders of the Slap Ya Mama Cajun spice company taped a new commercial in response to the NFL's ban on a popular ad method used for three years during preseason Saints games.

"I'm in shock over it, it's wild, it's absurd,"said Slap Ya Mama Vice President Jack Walker.

During preseason games the Slap Ya Mama logo is electronically superimposed on the field when the Saints are near a touchdown.

But in a statement today, the NFL said "the increasing presence of virtual signage can detract from telecasts and create a less desirable viewing experience for fans."

But the memo the League sent to teams last week clearly says "certain advertisers and brands are not consistent with League standards and messaging."

"Our mother is actually the owner of the company, and she approves it," Walker said. "She's the one that wanted it to be named 'Slap Ya Mama.' No, who is going to slap their mama? Who in their right mind would want to do that?"

It drew laughs at Zuppardo's Supermarket.

"I couldn't believe that they were making such a big deal about it," Joe Zuppardo said. "Maybe because it's been around here so long, but I just couldn't imagine after I read about it. Nobody slaps their mama? No, nobody, especially in an Italian family, I dare you."

"I see it quite often, and I see it mainly on the football field," Nell Kruebbe said.

The reaction to the ban has been huge on social media. On the Eyewitness News Facebook page, 167,000 people read the story. 1,200 either liked, commented, or shared. And on the Eyewitness News website, it's one of the top five stories with lots of comments about the NFL.

"Even people that didn't even know who we were prior to this happening are just coming out of the woodwork," said Walker.

The new Slap Ya Mama commercial pokes a little fun at the NFL ban on the banners.

"And a kiss on the cheek."

That's the closing line, and what happens in the ad.

The NFL statement said 11 teams have been using the now-banned banners during preseason games.


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