Speeding stop turns into roadside revival

KENNEBUNK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- When a police officer pulled a man over for speeding this week, he did not expect to save the driver's life.

84 year-old Gavin Falconer, who is known as Scotty, went into cardiac arrest shortly after Officer Matthew Harrington stopped him. The officer pulled Falconer out of the car and started doing chest compressions. When that didn't work, he used the defibrillator Kennebunk police officers keep in their cars, and it worked. Harrington says all police are trained to do what he did, but his ten years as an EMT did come in handy.

"Obviously Mr. Falconer was very fortunate that we were right there," Harrington said. "You have a short window to defibrillate someone, and luckily for everyone involved we were right there when it happened."

"They said you were a goner, and you were lucky because the policeman was an EMT and he knew just what to do" Falconer told NEWS CENTER.

Falconer is recovering at Maine Medical Center.


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